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Wine 101

A simple introduction to wine. Get up to speed on wine basics in just a few minutes. Click here for Wine 101.

Wine 101

Two distinctly different wine regions. Both simply amazing.

Megalomaniac winery is located in the Niagara wine region. It was, and continues to be built by a visionary. The view from the winery is stunning, and the wines are the same! But is the proprietory really a “megalomaniac?” Press the button to find out. – – And what about Sablet? Let me tell you, it’s one of the most romantic, historic and enticing villages in France. And oh, the wine. Ooh la la. Press the button (-:

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I’m a storyteller. And the wonderful world of wine is a great subject! I’ve spent many years in wine, craft beer and spirits, as a writer and as a wine merchant who’s traveled the world looking for great wines. I delightfully share my experiences with you.  Cheers!

Paul Singer / aka “The Wine Baron”